PACER Program

The Post-Acute Care Excellence Recognition (PACER) Program was developed by mPACE to recognize outstanding achievement within the post-acute and long-term care arenas. This historically neglected healthcare sector often received minimal attention in regards to the regulation of patient care and healthcare outcomes. Only until recently has the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began focusing attention on holding these facilities accountable on how care is delivered. By setting a few benchmarks to evaluate healthcare outcomes, such as hospital re-admission rates, CMS intended to hold healthcare facilities to a higher standard. However, taking a reactive approach, many facilities, unfortunately, have begun to focus on the minimal standards, ignoring other important care measures.

At IMMPACT, we don’t believe in meeting standards but raising the bar on how healthcare is delivered across the board. We also believe in recognizing those facilities that make the effort to continually assess and refine their processes to not only meet but exceed minimal standards set forth by regulatory bodies.

For that reason, mPACE has developed a recognition program that allows facilities to evaluate its processes and outcomes in four main areas (Ethics, Patient Care, Organizational Performance, and Nursing Excellence). Upon meeting all of the objectives with evidence of a sound process and sustainable results, mPACE issues a certificate of excellence.

The PACER Program application will be available in early FALL of 2016 for the 2017 calendar year. Please check in at that time to obtain more details and an application.