Our Commitment To Excellence

Traditionally, programs for measuring healthcare “excellence” were limited to organizational goals of obtaining accreditation such as Magnet Status. However, focusing on organizational outcomes and not putting the much needed attention into the process of engaging, motivating and enhancing the skills of each nurse has been proven to lead to unobtainable or unsustainable results.

At IMMPACT we recognize the greatest indicator of patient outcomes is nursing care. For this reason, IMMPACT has instituted a nursing leadership initiative called Nursing ExCEL (Nursing Excellence through a Commitment to Education and Leadership). Nursing ExCEL is a comprehensive and strategic clinical and leadership integration program developed by specialists in nursing education from a curriculum approved by the Illinois Board of Nursing.

At IMMPACT we believe cultivating a competent and confident nursing workforce through our educational and mentorship programs, nurses will stay engaged and motivated, improve patient and facility outcomes, and ultimately improve the standards of healthcare.

To learn more about why IMMPACT believes nurses hold the key to transforming a healthcare,