Nursing ExCEL

To achieve measurable results that last, IMMPACT recognizes attention should be focused on the process of how care is delivered within a facility and not simply the outcomes. Unfortunately, healthcare organizations are often consumed with outcome metrics but have no strategy to identify and address the gaps in care which lead to these unpredictable and labile results.

Setting patient care as the highest benchmark from which to evaluate healthcare excellence, IMMPACT recognizes the greatest influence on this measure is nursing care. Therefore, IMMPACT has dedicated itself to the enhancement of nursing education for all nursing personnel from nursing assistants and entry level nurses to advance practice nurses.

To accomplish this, IMMPACT has instituted a nursing leadership initiative called Nursing ExCEL (Nursing Excellence through a Commitment to Education and Leadership). Nursing ExCEL is a comprehensive and strategic clinical and leadership integration program developed by specialists in nursing education from a curriculum approved by the Illinois Board of Nursing.

A unique program, only offered through IMMPACT, Nursing ExCEL provides clinical and leadership training for nurses to help improve staff morale, enhance collaboration and communication, promote accountability, and improve patient and facility outcomes.