Ethics Position Statement

In addition, IMMPACT has integrated the following principles into the daily organizational and clinical operations:

  • Adoption of the American Nurses Association “Nursing Code of Ethics”.
  • Establishing an ethics committee.
  • Publishing provisions on “Patient Rights” which includes respecting the right of patients to receive respectful and quality care, having the right to be fully informed, be provided choices and be involved in their treatment, be familiar and comfortable with their healthcare team, have the right to privacy.
  • Emphasizing patient confidentiality and providing extensive HIPAA training.
  • Providing education and training on recognizing and reporting neglect, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and disabled.
  • Facilitate training on “End of Life Issues”.
  • Enforcing policies to ensure providers are only providing care that is medically necessary, documentation is accurate and reimbursement requests are appropriate and specific to services provided.

As we are entrusted with the future of the patients and facilities we serve, IMMPACT has made a strong commitment to “do good while doing good business.” To support our mission, IMMPACT has made every effort to provide regular ethical training for all of our providers. Our “Position Statement on Ethics and Human Rights” includes:

  • Having respect for the worth, dignity and rights of every patient.
  • Advocating for the patients, colleagues and the communities we serve.
  • Taking responsibility for individual actions and the effects they may produce.
  • Understanding the significance of collaboration.
  • Promoting good health and encouraging healthcare reform.